Leaders' Quest

How we view the world

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Successful leaders step up to a challenge. Building a sustainable, equitable world is an ambitious goal, worthy of our best leaders’ efforts. We helped Leaders’ Quest communicate with those who are becoming more aware of our impact, and responsibility to the wider world.​

How we view the world

The Fuller Projection Map (also known as the 'Dymaxion Map') shows the earth as a closely connected landmass. By using a 20-faced icosahedron shape, it connects the globe through 12 points. When we change our perspective on the world, it's easier to see the connections - rather than the distance - between us.

The culture of colour

We work with people from all walks of life. Each person brings their own contribution to our shared experiences. Our suite of colours expresses the blend of cultures and attitudes we bring together.


This new marque represents our desire to learn from others, and transform ourselves and the world around us. Each individual part overlaps and impacts on the next in a positive feedback cycle, making up a whole dynamic form.

Our approach

The starting point was to redefine the values that underpin the organisation, providing clarity and focus for all communication.

The relationship between their two main activities Quest and Fellowship was rebalanced and clarified and an information hierarchy was created to facilitate a growing evidence base of their work.

There was an opportunity to tell the LQ story in a way that expresses the vision of creating a more sustainable and equitable world.

Leaders' Quest is an organisation full of writers. A verbal identity guide was created to help them write and speak in similar, but still personal, ways.

A responsive website was designed with tagged articles to spur on further exploration with related content lists.

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