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Communication Review

Mental health is a topic that is discussed with increasing openness and understanding. We worked with the Royal College of Psychiatrists to assess how well they are communicating with their profession and how they can be effective in supporting and shaping the broader mental health agenda.

What we were asked to do

Conduct a review of how effectively the Royal College of Psychiatrists communicates. This required an independent, external look at how effectively the College engages with its key audiences. In a changing landscape for mental health we needed to help them define a strategic focus.

Our approach

Our approach for the review was simple but thorough. Understand the strategic context within which we should be assessing the effectiveness of the College’s communications approach (the ambition for the College, the external landscape in which it operates). Look deeply into what each audience group wants and needs from the College. Look critically at the resources, structures, processes and platforms used by the College for communications. Make recommendations that pinpoint where current communication practice is falling short of the ambition and make firm proposals for where there are immediate and medium term opportunities to communicate more effectively.

The recommendations

By assessing the position of the College within the broader mental health landscape we were able to make some strong recommendations for a more effective communications strategy.

We made recommendations how communications could be structured more efficiently, focused on distinct audiences, and aligned with strategy.

Currently the College are fully undertaking our recommendations and we are looking forward to helping them implement the campaigns that will help achieve their goals.

"Since the review we are joining up our communications much better. There have been quite a few big mental health stories where the College has been there top of the agenda and I think people have been pleasantly surprised by that. Our membership certainly feel they are seeing more of us in the media than they have before and they are very pleased."

Simon Wessely, President