The Prince's Teaching Institute

Reawaken the teacher within

Brand Identity, Content Development, Website, CRM Integration

The Prince’s Teaching Institute (PTI) inspires teachers to become more effective, enthusiastic and influential by reigniting their passion for teaching. The driving force for this communications and technology project was an ambition to broaden their teacher member engagement and increase the membership of English state secondary schools from 10%.

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The strategy & identity

The PTI needed to define and communicate their value proposition as a leading developer for enhancing teachers impact in their schools and with their students. A new tone of voice and visual language was created to shape all communications in digital and print.

The tech

A content-focused responsive website communicates with SalesForce allowing members to search, browse and book events. A fully adaptable modular content managed system was built enabling the PTI to evolve their web presence with the business.

"One of the great joys of this project has been having a team who understood pretty much from the word go what it was that we were about. There has been a universally positive reception to our new website, both the teachers who we speak to really like the way it looks, but also our patrons have all said how they feel the new website captures the essence of what we do, so really a great success."

Chris Pope, Co-Director