Rory's Story Cubes

Roll the cubes. Make a story.

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Rory and Anita invented a game to encourage creativity through storytelling. It is a simple, fun idea that has grown from a handmade, home-packed startup to selling millions of packs across the globe. We are proud to have created a brand that has helped them bring all those stories to life.


Once upon a time…

The game is ideal for children and adults to play together – simply roll the cubes and tell a story that uses each of the icons that you see – encouraging children to explore and learn, and adults to be spontaneous and inventive. A fun and flexible game that is educational without needing to be instructive. 

We developed a brand identity that used a minimum of text explanation; the speech-cube logo communicates the dice and wordplay concept, the packaging uses the game icons to show infinite story combination possibilities. As the range grew to bring in new new ideas – ‘Voyages’, ‘Actions’ – we created a colour family to accommodate a suite of fifteen products, differentiated but working as a coherent family. The packaging, point of sale, app UI and marketing materials were all developed to appeal to the broad range of customers – grandparents, teachers, writers, children – throughout multiple countries and languages, and sold in contrasting environments – independent bookstores to mass market toyshops.

Print packaging was devised to respect the particular feel that a compact nine cube set has. This was adapted for the ‘Mix’ range (add a themed flavour to your stories ‘Clues: craft tales of cracking crime’) – a larger retail package can cleverly fold down to snugly fit the three cubes. For the ‘Max’ range oversize cubes and easy access packaging make it a fun setup for mobility impaired groups.

The brand expresses the game; playful, flexible, creative.